Sapere Environmental strives to be among the world-class as environmental leaders while providing valuable contributions to humanity. With a firm commitment to integrity and diligence and a focus on fundamentals and bottom line results, we will endlessly pursue a position as forerunners in the environmental industry with advantages in the areas of quality, reliability, service, innovation, and cost-efficiency.

In addition, our company will continue to inspire, motivate, and nurture our employees to explore their highest potential so we can all work together as an effective team.


At Sapere, we offer a different approach to environmental consulting. Our team shows up to work every day because we want to solve the biggest challenges in conservation biology and environmental sustainability.

We are biologists, innovators, and liaisons leveraging our knowledge, cutting-edge ideas, and responsive drive to improve field methodologies and pioneer new technologies that allow communities to flourish without sacrificing environmental or ecosystem health.


We take pride in providing high-value services that we stand behind, while ensuring customer satisfaction, cost-effectiveness, and productivity. 

Long-term Relationships
Whether you are our client, a regulatory agency, a stakeholder or colleague, we believe in growing with you as our partner at all levels. 

At Sapere, we all share the same sense of purpose and work to accomplish the same goal – to empower people to become agents of change.


“Dimidium facti qui coepit habet: sapere aude!”
(He who has begun is half done: dare to know!)
~Horace, Epistularum liber primus, 20 BC

According to the Latin poet, Horace, the courageous one forges the river in pursuit of knowledge and wisdom; whereas, the fool waits for the river to pass before venturing forward. Sapere aude, “dare to know” or “dare to be wise,” was the mantra for the Age of Enlightenment. Our desire to know and understand the world drives us to learn, explore, and create. We embrace the spirit of Sapere aude, redefining the role of an environmental consultancy that inspires us to design better ways to serve our clients and improve the science and practice of conservation.


Our logo was based on the ethnic West African Wisdom Knot (Nyansapo), which symbolizes wisdom, patience, intelligence, and ingenuity. The Akan of Ghana use this Adinkra symbol to imply broad knowledge, learning, and experience, and the ability to apply such faculties to practical ends.

“When the wise (person) ties a knot, it takes intelligent mind to untie it.”
~Kwadwo A. Okrah, Nyansapo (The Wisdom Knot): Toward an African Philosophy of Education, 2003

We support and foster new ideas.

Our passion is listening to your challenges, thinking through solutions and coming up with ways to exceed your expectations. Most importantly, we lead by example and follow through on what we say we will do.